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Baby rocker or bouncer

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A chair designed to hold a baby. Most will have a rocking or bouncing function which generally soothes babies and some will have additional features such as toys, music and vibration. It is important to check the suitability of the bouncer you buy for newborns as some give more support than others - always check the product guidelines.

Fisher-Price Soothe Go Bouncy Seat
Amazon | £ 60.94
Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer
Precious Little One | £ 59.99
BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer
Amazon | £ 109
3-1 Rocker Napper
Jojo Maman Bebe | £ 99
The Nuna LEAF
Kiddicare | £ 160
East Coast Nursery Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer
Amazon | £ 39.99

Play mat

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Play mats are simple floor mats usually made of fabric designed to create a safe and clean place for a small baby to play. Generally, the mats provide cushioning, and have a pattern or design that is likely to engage the attention of the baby. Some mats have arches to hang small soft toys much like a baby mobile.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym
Amazon | £ 43.99
Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Play Gym
Amazon | £ 49.99
Blossom Farm Woolly Lamb Snuggle Playmat
Early Learning Centre | £ 25
Blossom Farm Nibbles Mouse Sit Me Up Cosy
Early Learning Centre | £ 20

Toys for newborns

(From 0 months +) Back to top

Soft safe toys for young babies to chew / play with. Always check the age guidelines before giving a young baby a toy as some can have small pieces that could cause choking.

Sophie La Giraffe
Amazon | £ 20
Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle and Footfinder Set
Amazon | £ 13.18
Galt Activity Cube
Amazon | £ 8.47
VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball
Amazon | £ 30.99
Lamaze Freddie The Firefly
Amazon | £ 9.92
Jojo Maman Bebe | £ 13
Bugs Activity Book
Early Learning Centre | £ 4

Books for babies

(From 0 months +) Back to top

These are books designed to stimulate babies' senses through colour, repetition of objects they can look for and tactile pages to touch.

Lamaze Classic Discovery Book
Amazon | £ 6.93
East Coast Nursery Tiny Love Double Sided First Book
Amazon | £ 11.69
Bath Book - Count and Travel
Amazon | £ 1.55
That's Not My Books
Amazon | £ 4
Amazon | £ 4.67
VTech Singing Nursery Rhyme Book
Argos | £ 9.95
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Finger Puppet Book
Waterstones | £ 5.99
I Like it When by Mary Murphy
Amazon | £ 4.52

Toys for babies

(From 6 months +) Back to top

These toys are normally aimed at babies starting to sit by themselves. They help coordination and have sounds to stimulate and keep the baby's interest.

Fun Singing Maracas
Early Learning Centre | £ 10
Sensory Ball
Jojo Maman Bebe | £ 9
Manhattan Baby Whoozit
Amazon | £ 9
VTech Tiny Touch Phone
Tesco Direct | £ 10.99
Discover Cylinder
Early Learning Centre | £ 12
B Kids Play with me Pal's
Amazon | £ 9.37
Shape Sorting Bus
Early Learning Centre | £ 20
Xylophone Bear
Not On the High Street | £ 20
Leapfrog My Pal Scout
Boots | £ 20
ABC Architectural Building Blocks
Jojo Maman Bebe | £ 27
VTech First Steps Baby Walker
Amazon | £ 21.80
LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table
Amazon | £ 69.99
VTech Ride on Alphabet Train
Amazon | £ 49.99

Foam floor tiles

(From 6 months +) Back to top

These foam squares fit together like a simple jigsaw creating a soft surface for babies to play on. They're great for babies trying to sit up or walk, as they prevent any damage caused by falling over.

Our mums say:

"Great for tumbles when crawling, sitting up and starting to walk. They also wipe clean which is great for babies who vomit profusely - saves scrubbing the carpets!"

TLCmat® Soft Foam Play Mat Puzzle Jigsaw With Number (0-9) Pop-Out
Amazon | £ 12.99

Activity station

(From 6 months +) Back to top

An activity station is designed so a baby can sit in a supported seat with lots of activities to look at around them which will stimulate and encourage learning. Most activity stations include sounds, bright lights and tactile objects. Ideal from the time when when the baby is beginning to sit up right until they are walking.

Our mums say:

"I could not have lived without one of these. They take up quite a bit of space, but they are SO useful. They keep the baby entertained giving you a chance to get on with a few household chores. Both my babies used these until they were crawling, and even then they enjoyed crawling over to it and pulling themselves up to play, so I found it encouraged standing and walking too".

Mothercare Spots Walk Around
Mothercare | £ 69.99
Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
Amazon | £ 73.99

Baby seat

(From 6 months +) Back to top

The bumbo is designed to let your baby sit up independently from 4 months enabling it to play more and see more. These can be expensive and generally aren't used for that long, so worth looking at second hand ones and testing one as not all babies like them - you can get bumbos with tables now which will extend their use as they can be used to feed a baby too - if babies are weaned early they may be too small for a high chair and not get enough support, in which case a bumbo is great.

Our mums say:

"These are very useful, but only for a short period of time if you have an active baby. I used one at 4 months for about a month until my son was confidently sitting on his own. Initially I also used it instead of a highchair."

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus
Argos | £ 39.99
Bumbo Baby Sitter
Precious Little One | £ 27.95

Doorway bouncer

(From 6 months +) Back to top

Designed to hang in a doorway, this is an elasticated strap with a baby harness attached. It allows the baby freedom to exercise in an upright position.

Tippitoes Doorway Bouncer
John Lewis | £ 29.95

Toys for toddlers

(From 12 months +) Back to top

These toys will continue to encourage coordination and development of your child. It's worth remembering that babies at this age love a saucepan and wooden spoon just as much as their own toys. A cheap and easy way to keep them entertained!

Tomy Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs
Amazon | £ 4.49
Touch & Feel Puzzles
Not On the High Street | £ 11.97
Retro Racing Car
Not On the High Street | £ 89
Three In One Geometric Stacker
Not On the High Street | £ 23.99
Rolling Wooden Shape Sorter
Early Learning Centre | £ 12
Sensory Linky Loops
Early Learning Centre | £ 4
My First Everyday Picture Lift Out Puzzle
Early Learning Centre | £ 8
John Lewis Wooden Baby Walker and Bricks
John Lewis | £ 40
Chad Valley 4-in-1 Pram Playset
Argos | £ 29.99
My First Baby Annabell
John Lewis | £ 15
VTech Toot Toot Driver's Garage
Tesco Direct | £ 42.99
VTech Baby Tiny Touch Tablet
Argos | £ 14.99
Stack and Drop Froggie
Early Learning Centre | £ 15
HappyLand Toadstool Cottage
Early Learning Centre | £ 14

Audio books and CD's

(From 12 months +) Back to top

Audio books are great for the car, helping get your little one to sleep. Babies and toddlers love music and there are lots of CD's of nursery rhymes and children's songs to choose from.

In The Night Garden: A Musical Journey
BBC Shop | £ 5.99
The Mousehole Cat [Audio book]
Amazon | £ 6.29
Puff, the Magic Dragon [Book & CD]
Amazon | £ 5.99
Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales [Audiobook]
Amazon | £ 18.88
Sleepytime Lullabies
Amazon | £ 10.54
Lullaby CD
Amazon | £ 9.88

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